Message from the KUGB about gradings

To all KUGB Dojo’s

The KUGB conducted a grading examination feasibility test recently to assess the possibility of holding gradings: the results of which follows.

Following the KUGB Executive Meeting of 14th July it was decided that Dojo’s may hold grading examinations strictly under the following conditions as we understand them from Sport England’s directives.

The grading must be held outdoors.

Sanitisers must be used before and after the grading.

Students must arrive in Gi and training shoes.

Students must wear training shoes for the grading.

Face coverings must be used during Kumite.

Students must be kept two metres apart.

Only six people at a time may be involved with the grading: the examiner, the organiser and the four students grading.

Times must be staggered to avoid overcrowding.

Results must be given and licences signed and returned to students immediately after the grading; Children must then return to their  parents.

Parents etc. must remain well away from the grading area and keep two metres apart. They must collect their children immediately after their grading.

If cash is used it must be placed in an envelope with the amount and students name written on the envelope.

Please also see the Risk Assessments on the KUGB website.

Best wishes

A. Sherry


KUGB Office

0203 920 9060

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