School Holidays and Training

It’s school holidays this week, classes may be quieter than usual.

Westminster Park classes are:

Scout Hall – Tuesday and Friday 9am and Saturday 10am.

Westminster Park – Wednesday 5:30-6:30 and 6:30-7:30 and Thursday 6pm.

We may cancel classes if there are too few people, so can you please book in or let me know which sessions you are doing.

Booking link is here

If you are away this week, have a great break, otherwise see you in training. Don’t forget if you train twice in a week, you get the third class free.


List of members who in May 2021 Well done Michele and Sonny. So who will be top next month?.

Sonny E 10
Michele E 10
Mark S 9
Anushka A 9
Priya A 8
Jim F 7
Ilya T 7
Nikita A 6
Arvind A 6
Imogen C 6
Pati H 5
Josh C 5
Steve C 5
Dorian G 5
Victoria K 4
Max D 3
Scarlett D 3
Leo H 3
Lucy L 3
Paul K 2
Zach S 2
Kate S 2
Paul S 2
Maya G 2
Vivi S 2
Paddy B 1
Nikol O 1
Archie W 1

Grading results May 2021

Well done to everyone who graded last night at Westminster Park under sensei Jimmy  Brennan. Everyone did exceptionally well, full passes all round.

Congratulations to:

  • Jim Freeman 9th Kyu
  • Lucy Liang 9th Kyu
  • Sonny Egan-Wilkinson 8th Kyu
  • Josh Carway 7th Kyu
  • Michele Egan-Wilkinson 7th Kyu
  • Steve Carway 6th Kyu
  • Imogen Carway 6th Kyu
  • Max Davies 5th Kyu
  • Niele PeraltaBezerra 3rd Kyu

There will be another grading early July for those that were not yet ready for this grading.

Keep on training!



Sessions trained April 2021

Here is the list on members who trained last month.

Well done Michele!!

Who will be top for May!

Michele E 11
Victoria K 10
Sonny E 9
Imogen C 9
Steve C 9
Jim F 9
Josh C 8
Pati H 7
Max D 6
Nikta A 4
Arvishke A 4
Riley B 4
Arvind A 4
Priya A 4
Scarlett D 3
Freddie F 3
Hope W 3
Lucy L 2
Maya G 2
Vivi S 2
Kate S 2
Leo H 2
Zach S 2
Paul S 2
Dorian G 2
Kate W 1
Andrew D 1
Paul W 1
Kester B 1
Jennie L 1
Clara L 1
Mark S 1