Sessions trained September 2021

Here is the list of members who trained this month. Great numbers. Well done Steve for topping this list!

Steve C 13
Lowri J 12
Dorian G 11
Michele E 10
Scarlett D 9
Jim F 9
Priya A 8
Victoria K 8
Pati H 8
Anushka A 7
Arvind A 7
Clara L 7
Imogen C 7
Josh C 6
Vibhu U 5
Nikita A 5
Louise C 4
Zach S 4
Carena G 4
Blake G 4
Vivi S 4
Paul S 4
Affan A 3
Sophia S 3
Azlan A 3
Paul K 3
Charlie A 3
Scott G 2
Sonny E 2
Thea B 2
Bodhi B 2
Rhonda B 2
Jonathan G 2
Maia J 1
Rhiannon R 1
Bethan R 1
Iolo J 1
Joe R 1
Dylan R 1

Lowri gets her Black Belt.


Great day at the KUGB black and brown course in Barnsley yesterday.

Training for all the brown beltsĀ  started at 10:30 with Sensei Frank Brennan and Sensei Billy Higgins taking the class.

Next up were the black belts with Sensei Billy Higgins giving us a masterclass in bunkai and Sensei Frank Brennan working us hard with kumite routines,.

After an hours break, the black belt gradings commenced. Black beltĀ gradings are very intense and demanding, but Lowri gave a fantastic performance and was awarded Shodan.

Many congratulations Lowri.