Sessions trained August 2021

Well done to Jim again, smashed it this month!!

Jim F 21
Dorian G 14
Lowri J 13
Priya A 10
Anushka A 10
Nikita A 10
Michele E 8
Sonny E 6
Imogen C 6
Arvind A 5
Pati H 4
Victoria K 4
Affan A 4
Azlan A 4
Scarlett D 3
Josh C 3
Steve C 3
Bessie B 2
Bruce B 2
Asa S 2
Lex S 2
Paul K 2
Jonathan G 1
Rhonda L 1
Thea L 1
Bodhi L 1
Vivi S 1
Paul S 1
Zach S 1


Starting karate for fitness and self defence

Anyone interested in trying something new? Maybe you have done karate in the past and would like to come back. AGE IS not an issue!!

We all want to be fitter and there are lots of activities out there that you can do, but sometimes you need something that can motivate and push you. Karate may be just the thing! The belt grading system provides a great incentive, giving you a structured path for improvement with the goal of achieving your next belt working up to that elusive, coveted black belt.

Karate has many proven benefits:

• Great all-round exercise
• Improves mental and physical health
• Helps maintain concentration
• Develops confidence
• Teaches self-defence
• Improves social skills
• Encourages weight loss
• Builds friendships
• Family-friendly

In addition to our evening classes, we have classes in the morning for those who have flexibility with work, or maybe want something to do after dropping off the children at school.

Contact Dave Craggs on 07711009041 for more information or just book into a class.

Class Timetable

Frequently Asked Questions 

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Benefits Of Karate

KUGB Events

KUGBSaturday 04 September 2021 –2021 KUGB National Championships

Saturday 18 September 2021  – Free Black & Brown Belt Course (Barnsley) and Dan Grading

Saturday 02 October 2021 –2021 Special Dan Grade Course (Loughborough) black belts only. Dan gradings for 3rd Dan and above.

Sunday 03 October 2021 – Shotokan Cup (Chesterfield)

Sunday 17 October 2021 – Free Black & Brown Belt Course (Nottingham) and Dan Grading

Full list of events here


Class changes

Starting this Saturday, the class will move from the Scout Hall to the Community Centre. Class will still be 10-11am. Sometime in the future we may change to two classes if numbers increase.

We still have two 9am morning classes at the Scout Hall, Tuesdays and Thursdays, so no excuses for getting in your training. Training twice a week is good, more is better!!

All classes are here:

Next grading is here