How much does it cost.

First lesson is free!

We charge £4 for juniors and £5 for adults. We do give discounts for families to try and keep costs down and we encourage parents to join in. For families we charge £6 for any two members of the same family, £8 for three.

After training for a few sessions, you will need to get a license from the KUGB. This is used for gradings and also covers insurance. This is an annual charge of  £25 for juniors and £30 for adults. You can get a 3 month membership for just £10 if you want to see how it goes.

Initially you can train in light clothing, but eventually you will need a karate suit (gi). These start at around £20.

As you train there will be periodic gradings where you are assessed . The charge for these is £15-£30.