Grading – March 2023


Great grading today at Westminster Park community centre.

We hade 15 students, and two guests grade today under the ever watchful eye of sensei Jimmy Brennan. All did really well and full passes all round.

Well doe to:

Name Grade
Christopher McHugh 9th Kyu
Crystal Dengu 9th Kyu
Isacc MacGillivray 8th Kyu
Shivesh Kaviethasan 8th Kyu
Naomi Shetty 7th Kyu
Rayan Souna 7th Kyu
Vibhu Upendra 6th Kyu
Nick MacGillivray 6th Kyu
Gareth Jones 6th Kyu
Scott Graham-Benson 5th Kyu
Blake Graham-Benson 5th Kyu
Steve Carway 3rd Kyu
Anushka Arya 3rd Kyu
Dorian Golembowski 3rd Kyu
Imogen Carway 2nd Kyu

Also well done to Lucas Barber and Nathan Broad from Budo Ka Red Dragon who also graded.

Next follow up grading is May the 6th. Get that training in if you want to be ready.


Next Events

Here is a list of the next events:

25th Marc h – Grading  Westminster Park Community Centre

26th March – Kata Course with John Bruce – Liverpool kata for all grades

3rd-7th April Spring Karate Course Torbay

16th April Special Dan Grade Course – Barnsley – Black Belts only

22nd April – National Championshipscompetition for all grades

30th April Black and Brown belt course – Birmingham

4th June Kyu Grades Competition – normally Prestatyn competition for below black belt only

11 June Free Black and Brown belt course – Manchester

1st July Shotokan Cup Grantham

7-11th August Karate Summer School Lancaster


7 WCSK students went to Liverpool to compete in the KUGB Youth Championships.

Anushka, Dorian, Blake, Vibhu, Nikita, Naomi and Shivesh

There were over 200 competing on the day in kata and kumite.

All students did very very well giving outstanding performances, especially as it was the first time for most of them.


There were some very close competitions, and both Anushka and Naomi managed to reach the finals in kata, both ending up with bronze medals.

Looking forward to the next competition and hopefully more medals.





Sessions trained February 2023

Gareth reigned supreme last month topping the bill by a good 3 sessions.

Very good attendance and 7 new members. This takes the total up to 13 new members so far this year.

Next grading coming up very soon so get those sessions in.

  • Gareth J 15
  • Rayan S 12
  • Naomi S 11
  • Christopher M 10
  • Shivesh K 9
  • Scott G 9
  • Dorian G 8
  • Blake G 8
  • Imogen C 7
  • Jim F 7
  • Anushka A 7
  • Vibhu U 7
  • Lucy M 6
  • Zara B 6
  • Harry M 5
  • Priya A 5
  • Gareth B 5
  • Nikita A 4
  • Steve C 4
  • Gunner R 3
  • Krish R 3
  • Michael R 3
  • Isacc M 3
  • Nick M 3
  • Affan A 3
  • Azlan A 3
  • Arvind A 3
  • Crystal D 3
  • Kittiya M 2
  • Pinklao M 2
  • Rory d 1
  • Shaji R 1