Karate Fundamentals

Karate is hard! But no harder than most other sports.

As a beginner, you start off as a white belt. As you progress you will graded to a higher level and awarded your next coloured belt. There are nine coloured belts before you can try for your black belt.

As a white belt there are certain techniques you will be taught.  After you have trained for the required number of sessions you can  be assessed at a grading by an external instructor and if successful, you will be awarded your next belt.

With each new  belt there will additional techniques you will be taught.

The techniques are grouped into three main areas.

Kihon : Here you are taught punching, kicking and blocking techniques.

Kata : A kata is a set of fixed moves based around techniques learned in kihon. For each belt you will learn a new kata.

Kumite : This is partner work. Where you will apply your kihon techniques in a fixed controlled way. All our kumite is essentially non contact.

You can grade every three months assuming you have trained enough, at least twice a week is best, but there is no rush and the important thing is to grade when you and your instructor feel you are ready.

Often youngsters will take much longer to pick up new techniques. We offer a free junior assessment program to give youngsters extra incentive to pick up the skills necessary to pass gradings.

Our classes are mixed classes with adults and children training together. We find this helps to provide more discipline for youngsters and also allows parents to train with their children as families.

To grade, students need to be licensed members of the KUGB. The KUGB is the largest single style karate organisation in the UK with clubs all over the country.

For more information, please contact Dave Craggs.