David Craggs

4th Dan KUGB

Dave started Karate in 1974 at the famous Liverpool Red Triangle. Dave reached 3rd kyu in 1977, but other commitments meant his training dropped off and two years later he stopped training, something he now regrets dearly.

After a 30 year gap, he came back to training inspired by seeing an article in the paper about Keith Limbert. Being an active squash player fitness was not a problem, and Dave trained hard to regain some of his old flexibility. Under the expert tuition of Sensei O’Connor, Dave passed his 2nd and 1st kyu gradings first time, grading by himself under Sensei Master Sherry – a very daunting prospect. He then passed his Shodan at Lichfield in October 2010, again first time. 2nd Dan was achieved at Chesterfield on the 3rd of February 2013, 3rd Dan in Bath on the1st of October 2016 and 4th Dan at Barnsley 21st of April 2024