Virtual Beginners Classes

We are starting half hour beginner karate classes. These will be suitable for new starters and any current students who want to work on their basics.

The classes use the Zoom app (

The class time timetable is listed here

There is more information about karate here

if anyone wants more information, please contact Dave Craggs.





Virtual Karate

Since we have had to stop our karate classes we have been running online virtual karate classes using the Zoom conferencing app.

These are proving popular, and whilst not a replacement for training in the dojo, do provide a way to get some much needed exercise whilst honing your karate skills.

We have now upgraded our Zoom account so we can do longer classes. Each week we will publish a schedule of classes. In addition we may do new beginner classes, and targeted classes so we can teach new kata depending on demand.

Please note, all classes will be logged and counted towards your next grading in the Dojo Database.

To join the classes you need the meeting ID  (799-1755-9808) and password. Please contact me if and I can send you the details.

Classes are free, but if you wish you can subscribe to help us with costs. This will be split between Vicars Cross and West Cheshire. We suggest £10 per month for one person and £15 for families. We do feel that keeping up your training is VERY important, so this is not obligatory, especially if funds are low. If you do wish to help us out, contact Dave Craggs for payment methods.

Note we are logging these training sessions in the dojo database  and they count towards your next grading! You can log in to see your details using your email address. If you don’t know your password use the forgot password link.