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Back in the dojo

We are starting back in the dojo Wednesday 6pm at the community centre.

Please bring the correct money to reduce handling.

There will be hand gel.

Windows and doors will be kept open for ventilation .

Temperatures of students will be checked on arrival.

Please come in your gi rather than get changed at the community centre. If you can’t do this, you can train in light clothing. Training shoes must be worn during training.

People accompanying students must remain outside the Dojo and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

If you wish you may train using a mask.

Participants should not use Kiai, shout or exhale forcefully.

There will be no kumite.

Please maintain social distancing.

Please do not come if you have a temperature or cough.

We are also doing outdoor classes and reducing our zoom classes. See here for more information.



Message from the KUGB about gradings

To all KUGB Dojo’s

The KUGB conducted a grading examination feasibility test recently to assess the possibility of holding gradings: the results of which follows.

Following the KUGB Executive Meeting of 14th July it was decided that Dojo’s may hold grading examinations strictly under the following conditions as we understand them from Sport England’s directives.

The grading must be held outdoors.

Sanitisers must be used before and after the grading.

Students must arrive in Gi and training shoes.

Students must wear training shoes for the grading.

Face coverings must be used during Kumite.

Students must be kept two metres apart.

Only six people at a time may be involved with the grading: the examiner, the organiser and the four students grading.

Times must be staggered to avoid overcrowding.

Results must be given and licences signed and returned to students immediately after the grading; Children must then return to their  parents.

Parents etc. must remain well away from the grading area and keep two metres apart. They must collect their children immediately after their grading.

If cash is used it must be placed in an envelope with the amount and students name written on the envelope.

Please also see the Risk Assessments on the KUGB website.

Best wishes

A. Sherry


KUGB Office

0203 920 9060

June Training

Well done to everyone who trained last month and in our first outdoor class.

Lori W 9, Oliver M 8, Evie W 8, Emma L 8, Pati H 7, Victoria K 7, Imogen C 7, Josh C 7, Paul W 7, Alex B 7, Donna C 6, Aiden C 5, Jason B 4, Nicola S 4, Dave W 4, Steve C 4, Zachary W 4, Arthur C 3, Issy F 3, Zachary B 2, Erin M 1, Pelham A 1, Adam W 1, Daniel C 1, Chris S 1, Nell M 1


Virtual Beginners Classes

We are starting half hour beginner karate classes. These will be suitable for new starters and any current students who want to work on their basics.

The classes use the Zoom app (

The class time timetable is listed here

There is more information about karate here

if anyone wants more information, please contact Dave Craggs.





Virtual Karate

Since we have had to stop our karate classes we have been running online virtual karate classes using the Zoom conferencing app.

These are proving popular, and whilst not a replacement for training in the dojo, do provide a way to get some much needed exercise whilst honing your karate skills.

We have now upgraded our Zoom account so we can do longer classes. Each week we will publish a schedule of classes. In addition we may do new beginner classes, and targeted classes so we can teach new kata depending on demand.

Please note, all classes will be logged and counted towards your next grading in the Dojo Database.

To join the classes you need the meeting ID  (799-1755-9808) and password. Please contact me if and I can send you the details.

Classes are free, but if you wish you can subscribe to help us with costs. This will be split between Vicars Cross and West Cheshire. We suggest £10 per month for one person and £15 for families. We do feel that keeping up your training is VERY important, so this is not obligatory, especially if funds are low. If you do wish to help us out, contact Dave Craggs for payment methods.

Note we are logging these training sessions in the dojo database  and they count towards your next grading! You can log in to see your details using your email address. If you don’t know your password use the forgot password link.







Classes suspended

Hi all,

Sorry to say karate classes at Westminster Park are now suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus situation.

We will keep an eye out and let you know when we can start back again.

In the meantime, here is a video on how you can use your karate to help keep you safe!!

Saturday class changes

Hi all

Starting this Saturday (22/2/2020) we will be moving to two classes on Saturday mornings. This will make it easier to ensure that students get the training they need for up and coming gradings. Especially for those nearing black belt.

The new times will be:

9:00am – 10:00am beginners/intermediates

10:00am – 11:00am intermediates/advanced.

Intermediate and advanced students are welcome to train in both classes. Cost will be just an extra £1. Training in both classes will count as two sessions for grading purposes.

We will also look at the possibility of inviting senior instructors on Saturdays for special training and gradings.

Check out here for address and map.


Children should not stop playing sport in run up to exams as it has no impact on results, study suggests

Just found this article in the Telegraph:

Well worth a read!!

Taking part in competitive team games in the run up to GCSE and A-level exams will have no negative effects on a teenager’s gradesParents should not stop children playing sport in the run up to exams because it has no impact on results, a new study suggests.

Taking part in competitive team games in the run up to GCSE and A-level exams will have no negative effects on a teenager’s grades, according to research commissioned by The Headmasters’ & Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC).

See the full article here


No photo description available.

The 35th Annual Kyu Grades Championship is on Sunday the 15th of March at Prestatyn Sports centre.

This is a great chance to experience the competition side of KUGB karate without the presence of black belts.

There are categories for all ages and coloured belts.

If anyone wishes to enter, or would like more information please let me know. If you don;t want to compete, you can still come along and watch the action. There will be a small charge for spectators.



16 + yrs Snr Mens

1 – Ind. Kumite 1st Kyu – 3rd Kyu

2 – Ind. Kumite 4th Kyu – 7th Kyu

3 – Ippon Kumite 4th Kyu – 9tth Kyu

4 – Team Kumite 1st Kyu – 7th Kyu

5 – Snr Mens Ind. Kata All Kyu grades

16 + yrs Snr Ladies

6 – Ind. Kumite 1st Kyu – 7th Kyu

7 – Ippon Kumite 4th Kyu – 9tth Kyu

8 – Ind. Kata All Kyu grades

All Ages

9 – Team Kata All Kyu grades

12-15 yrs Girls

10 – Ind. Kumite 5’3” & above 1st – 7th Kyu

11 – Ind. Kumite Below 5’3” 1st – 7th Kyu

12-15 yrs Boys

12 – Ind. Kumite 5’ 3” & above 1st – 7th Kyu

13 – Ind. Kumite Below 5’ 3” 1st – 7th Kyu

12-15 yrs Boys & Girls

14 – Ind.Kata All Kyu grades

11 yrs & below Peewee

15 – Ippon Kumite All Kyu grades

16 – Ind. Kata All Kyu grades

7 yrs & below Sprite

17 – Ippon Kumite All kyu grades

18 – Ind. Kata All kyu grades

Additional Information

  • All Kumite competitors (excluding Ippon Kumite) MUST wear a mouthguard and KUGB approved hand mitts.
  • All competitors must be in possession of a current KUGB licence.
  • Normal KUGB rules will apply.
  • Team Kumite = 3 men plus 1 reserve.
  • Team Kata = 3 persons.
  • Ippon Kumite competitors will be required to attack and defend only to the level of their grade. (minimum oi zuki jodan & chudan) – mouthguard not essential.
  • Team Kata competitors may choose the same Kata for eliminations and final.
  • All individual Kata eliminations will use the flag system and include all Heian Katas (including Khion Kata) up to the grade of the participants.