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Xmas message

Well what a year we have had! I am pleased that you have been training throughout in the dojo, outdoor classes and of course online with Zoom, given the current difficulties.

I have been pleased with the efforts you have put in both in training and gradings.

I hope you all have a great Xmas and looking forward to some sort of normality in the coming new year.

So eat drink and be merry and we can work it all off in the dojo!!


Dave Craggs

Online booking system

Given we have to restrict numbers in classes, we have implemented an online booking system.

Check it out here: Booking System

I have added sessions for Westminster Park Community Centre and the Zoom class.

Please note – you can still come along to classes without booking, but if numbers are over twelve you may not be able to train.

Note the classes have a price set at £5, ignore this, normal fees apply.

At some stage I may have to start charging a small amount for the Zoom class to cover costs.



Grading results October 2020

Well done to all who graded last night in Westminster Park with Sensei Jimmy Brennan. Special congratulation to Pelham Aldrich who double graded and Victoria Kolodziejska and Pati Holowacz who both graded to brown belt.

Also well done to Paul Winstanley and Sophia Sullivan from Vicars Cross, both gave a very strong performance.

Pre grading class was limited to twelve and everyone trained hard.

The grading was followed by an intense black belt session.

Looking forward to the next one.

Grading and Training October 2020

Sensei Jimmy Brennan will be visiting Westminster Park on Saturday the 10th of October at the community centre. This will be for a small grading and training.

Pre grading class will be 4:30-5:30. There are some spaces for those not grading, The grading will take place straight afterwards. The senior class for brown and black belts will follow on after the grading.

Classes will be limited to twelve people, so booking is required. KUGB guests welcome, although priority will be given to club members.

Gradings will be for those that have put in the required sessions and are at the standard needed to pass. See the FAQ (How often can I grade) for more information.

Please let me know if you wish to come. Training will be £5 per person with an additional £10 for those grading. Classes will be in the afternoon, times to be finalised later.

Dave Craggs

Grading 21st August 2020

The grading at Vicars Cross last night went very well.

Pre grading training was taken by Keith Limbert and Dave Craggs with the assistance of Kim Wilkinson from Aaisatsu. It was interesting training in the rain! The grading was done inside in groups of four, Sensei Sherry was very pleased with everyone’s performance.

Congratulations to all who graded.

Westminster Park

Michele Egan-Wilkinson
Steve Carway
Josh Carway
Imogen Carway
Zach Sinclair
Paul Sinclair

Vicars Cross

Erin McKay
Alex Bordley
Issy Fabby
Donna Cockayne
Niele PeraltaBezerra
Jason Bordley

Wirral West Kirby

Emma Limbert



Westminster Park Classes

The two classes at Westminster Park worked well last night. Both were outside, but we came in for the last 15 minutes of the last class. It was strange being back in the dojo and it did seem smaller.

I will continue with the two classes,  This will allow more room when we need to go inside, plus 6:30 can be late for some youngsters. Both classes will be all grades, but the emphasis on the first class will be on the lower grades. If anyone wants to assist in teaching, please let me know, we are getting new members and it does help if I can split them off.

Starting Karate

We are starting a separate beginners class on Wednesdays 17:30 at the Community Centre.

Weather permitting this would be outside in the car park, but we can train inside if the weather is bad albeit with restrictions to keep us all safe. Classes would be for all ages, parents are welcome to train with their children.

Karate has many benefits and is suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

You can find out a lot more in our About Page.

For more information contact Dave Craggs on 07711009041 or use out Contact Page.


Back in the dojo

We are starting back in the dojo Wednesday 6:30pm at the community centre. Note – If the weather is nice we may train outside for even more safety.

Please bring the correct money to reduce handling.

There will be hand gel.

Windows and doors will be kept open for ventilation .

Temperatures of students will be checked on arrival.

Please come in your gi rather than get changed at the community centre. If you can’t do this, you can train in light clothing. Training shoes must be worn during training.

People accompanying students must remain outside the Dojo and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

If you wish you may train using a mask.

Participants should not use Kiai, shout or exhale forcefully.

There will be no kumite.

Please maintain social distancing.

Please do not come if you have a temperature or cough.

We are also doing outdoor classes and reducing our zoom classes. See here for more information.



Message from the KUGB about gradings

To all KUGB Dojo’s

The KUGB conducted a grading examination feasibility test recently to assess the possibility of holding gradings: the results of which follows.

Following the KUGB Executive Meeting of 14th July it was decided that Dojo’s may hold grading examinations strictly under the following conditions as we understand them from Sport England’s directives.

The grading must be held outdoors.

Sanitisers must be used before and after the grading.

Students must arrive in Gi and training shoes.

Students must wear training shoes for the grading.

Face coverings must be used during Kumite.

Students must be kept two metres apart.

Only six people at a time may be involved with the grading: the examiner, the organiser and the four students grading.

Times must be staggered to avoid overcrowding.

Results must be given and licences signed and returned to students immediately after the grading; Children must then return to their  parents.

Parents etc. must remain well away from the grading area and keep two metres apart. They must collect their children immediately after their grading.

If cash is used it must be placed in an envelope with the amount and students name written on the envelope.

Please also see the Risk Assessments on the KUGB website.

Best wishes

A. Sherry


KUGB Office

0203 920 9060