Lancaster 2019 – Day 3

Day 3 and my knee is not too bad, so another training session looms. Decided to drive over so we could get back quick to eat breakfast before the 11am lecture.

First session is Sensei Frank Brennan. Class starts with an number of combinations going forwards and back. Going quite well or so I thought. Then comes the booming voice of Sensei from the other side of the room MR CRAGGS! Snap your punch! First one of the week. But thankfully that was the only one .

Then onto kumite. Three different block and counters for jodan and three for chudan. I was grateful there were no kicks involved!

Today’s kata is Gojushiho Dai – nice the get a refresher on that.

Class then finished off with the same kumite but speedo. Another class over and apart from sore knees, feeling good.

A quick drive over to the room for breakfast then it is onto the annual KUGB lecture. The lecture is normally shared between Ivan Birch and Ian MacLaren. As Ivan is away working in the USA, his part was prerecorded. The theme was preparation for gradings which was insightful. Ian talked about kata and it’s importance in karate.

After the lecture we know rush over to the sports hall for the 2nd class. Back to taking photos. Senior class is taken by Sensei Sherry and was VERY well attended.

Sensei Michael O’Connor joined us for the day training in both classes.

After the 2nd class there was another Dan Grading class. Training in this class in addition to yesterdays class were Louise Coleman and Thomas Lang who flew over from Germany especially to attend this course. This is an annual event for him. Thomas has trained in every class so far this week!

After class it’s again time for a well earned steam and shower and then back to our accommodation.

Evening meal was at the Waggon and Horses in Lancaster for a very nice meal. We were joined by Michael O’Connor, so there was a lot of conversations about karate over the years.

And then time for bed.

Day 4.

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