Lancaster 2019

Last week a group of us from the Handbridge and Westminster Park clubs went on our annual trip to the Lancaster summer camp.

These were : David Craggs, George Craggs, Thomas Land and his wife Monika, Kouke and Mia Hirakawa with their father Mitsu and Louise Coleman with her family, Lisa, Jonathon and Harvey.

I decided this year to do a write of the week. You can see them below.

Lancaster 2019 – Arrival Day

Lancaster 2019 – Day 1

Lancaster 2019 – Day 2

Lancaster 2019 – Day 3

Lancaster 2019 – Day 4

Lancaster 2019 – Day 5

A great time was had by all with a fantastic grading result on the last day with Louise Coleman getting her Shodan and and Thomas Lang getting Nidan.

Lets see if we can get a bigger group next year!



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